I am an aspiring bonsai artist. I have no formal education in the art and have learned through books, forums, and my own trial and error. This blog is not intended to be instructional and serves for my own documentation as well as to express my love for the art of bonsai. I have MUCH to learn but am very eager to do so. Please feel free to comment as I will always reply.

Thanks for reading.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Great page. Is there a reason my Bald Cyprus is losing its rich green color? The bottom of the tree is sprouting a bright green bud. However, the top is losing its coloring? Michigan dormancy?

    1. It is very possible that, like you mentioned, it may be prepping for the big winter nap. How are your temps at this time of year? Have you worked on it recently? I don’t know much about that climate but here in southern Indiana I have noticed some landscape BC turning colors. Just to be sure, it wouldn’t hurt to inspect it closely for insects and any other damage.

      Thanks for the comment and good luck!

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