Summer Update

I haven’t been very active with this blog so I thought it was time for an update. Most of my trees are in the growing out stages anyway so there isn’t a whole lot going on right now. I’m watering twice a day already due to the heat and wind here. I also fertilize every Sunday as well as add some fresh osmocote at the beginning of each month. I get plenty of good sunshine and the trees do the rest!

Here is my Japanese Maple that I chopped fall and repotted early this Spring. It’s firing on all cylinders and throwing out a lot of new branches that will be great for grafts and cuttings next Spring.



Pretty big difference from just a few short months ago, huh?


Next up is a large Procumbens Juniper that I picked up from a box nursery last fall. I reduced a lot of foliage in small increments through the fall and winter. I also repotted it this Spring which was a bit risky,  but luckily, it is doing quite well considering how much I have worked it in that short amount of time.


The deadwood will be carved at some point (when I learn how to do it). I will wire it next year and try to build an apex not much taller than what it is now. I see it filling in and looking decent in a few years.

Here’s a Chinese Elm I picked up from a friend on Bonsai Nut last year. It was slow early this Spring and exploded with growth in the last month or so.


I am satisfied with the trunk and will wire it this fall and start building some ramification with the branching.

I’m probably most excited about the Japanese Black Pine seedlings I started this year. This is my first time working with pines so I wanted to start from scratch and learn the basics before I acquire a more mature tree. I started with 40 seeds and had about 30 sprouts. I learned my lesson about maintaining proper moisture levels and lost most of them due to damping off. Next time I will be sure to use a fungal preventative from the start. These 7 survived and I am experimenting with the seedling cutting technique. I cut them back in mid May and have just now noticed the new growth in the center of the seedlings. Looks like I didn’t screw up too much (so far).


I have a few other projects going on but not much to show off right now. Look for an update later this month. I have a Bald Cypress dig planned with a friend on the 12th. I’m super excited and will post some pics to brag about what I come back with! Stay tuned!


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